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91Squarefeet, as a new-age construction company in India, employs advanced AI-driven technological systems to tackle the multifaceted challenges inherent in construction projects. Simultaneously, they invest in enhancing the skills of their workforce by providing technical training and equipping them with essential hand tools. By synergizing skilled manpower deployment with technological expertise, they achieve greater control and predictability in their projects. Their fully integrated and digitized construction supply chain encompasses fixture factories, material original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), engineering consultants, labor contractors, and architects.​

What did I do for 91Squarefeet?

Challenges in the website at the beginning of engagement with 91Squarefeet.

  • Outdated Design: The website’s theme was outdated, which likely led to compatibility issues with modern web standards and aesthetics.
  • Lack of Responsiveness: A non-responsive design meant that the website did not adapt to different screen sizes or devices, particularly mobile phones, resulting in a poor user experience.
  • Security Concerns: An old website often implies outdated security measures, making it vulnerable to cyber threats and attacks.
  • Difficulty in Content Management: The site’s backend was not user-friendly, making it challenging for the team to update or add new content without extensive effort.
  • Absence of Global Style Settings: Without global settings for fonts and typography, maintaining a consistent look across the website would be laborious and time-consuming.
  • Inefficient for Marketing: The need for multiple landing pages to effectively run advertising campaigns and display their work portfolio was unmet, as the existing structure did not support efficient creation and management of such pages.

To address these issues, the following technical solutions were implemented:

  • Redesigned with a Modern Theme: The website underwent a complete makeover, adopting a sleek and responsive theme. The new design ensures optimal display on all devices, from desktops to mobile phones.
  • Enhanced Security Protocols: We beefed up the website’s security measures. Regular updates and patches were applied to safeguard against the latest vulnerabilities. This proactive approach helped protect user data and maintain trust.
  • Content Management System (CMS) Upgrade: We bid farewell to the clunky old CMS and welcomed a more intuitive one. The new system allowed content editors to make changes effortlessly, whether it was updating blog posts, adding new products, or tweaking landing pages.
  • Global Style Guide: Consistency became our mantra. We established a global style guide that covered fonts, colors, spacing, and other design elements. Now, no matter which page you visit, the branding remains cohesive and professional.
  • Dynamic Landing Pages: Marketing campaigns and portfolios needed tailored landing pages. So, we built a dynamic system that generated these pages on the fly. Whether it was a product launch or a special offer, we had a template ready to go.

By making these technical improvements, 91SquareFeet’s website not only became more secure and user-friendly but also more effective as a marketing tool, capable of showcasing their work portfolio in a professional way!

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Custom Post Types

Case Studies

The client required that each case study be presented on separate pages, yet they all needed to share specific fundamental elements.


A unique CPT was created that displayed these elements in an aesthetically pleasing manner, while the backend was configured with user-friendly fillable fields, allowing for the swift input and display of each case study’s details.

Relationships between CPTs

Clients & Portfolios

Having collaborated with over 60 diverse clients, the client expressed a distinctive request for their client page. They envisioned the client page, opting for a white-colored logo set against the backdrop of the brand's store or office image.


Additionally, approximately one-third of a select group of clients were to be granted their dedicated portfolio pages. The design needed to facilitate a feature where, upon adding a new portfolio entry for any given client, a direct link to view the portfolio would be readily accessible on that client's page.


This challenge was met by establishing a dynamic linkage between the client entries and the portfolio Custom Post Types (CPTs), ensuring seamless integration and functionality.

Popups & Sticky CTAs

Back to top & Sticky CTA in mobile

Even though the web version featured several CTA zones, a sticky CTA button for the mobile version was designed. Implementing this feature resulted in a significant increase in the CTA conversion rate.


Moreover, the mobile interface was enhanced with a 'scroll-to-top' function, providing users with a convenient way to navigate back to the beginning of the page for effortless browsing.


External Media Features


Dynamic Testimonial


Careers Page

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