Hello there, I’m Tveshaj

Designing scalable solutions since 2015

I’m a product designer with a passion for creating beautiful, functional designs that make life easier. I strive to produce products that are human-centric yet technically scalable. I’m also experienced in using modern tools and technologies to come up with innovative solutions.

Faking since 2015. Almost making it now!

For the time being I’ve used ChatGPT to write something about myself as my lazy ass cannot think anything to write about my own self.. or is it because of last two brain cells who’re over working 3:30 in the morning. Don’t worry, by the time the site’s live. I’ll have something good here. PROBABLY!!!

After all, what ‘DO’ I do?

Aakhir mai karta kya hun?






Bit of this,
Bit of that!

You may think fancy screens. But it’s mostly flowcharts and solutioning
You think you can do it. So, try it out and call me when you can’t!
I’ll probably push some jargons here. But isn’t it just glorified graphic designing?
Why bother? You’ll still use what your 4 year old sketched out using his Crayolas?
If it can be done in WordPress, I can probably nail it.
P.S., I’m underplaying it.
Well, you never know till you ask. So, throw me a challenge

My Work journey, till now

Kaam ki kahani, ab tak ki...


Apparently the UX Lead here. But mostly I scream!


Glorified Graphic Designer with “Lead UX” Tag


Spent my time designing solutions for a client that sacked the project


Aah, my own company. But basically, me exploring the industry

Endless Internships

Came across ‘Interns’ memes? They are true.

After all, I made the website to show these

Dekho maine yehi dikhane toh website banayi hai


Achieving 80% Time Savings in Contract Processing with Digital Solutions

Listen what people are saying about me

Suno 4 log kya bolte hai

Tveshaj’s design skills are top-notch. He brings creativity, turning complex ideas into intuitive, aesthetically pleasing, and functional designs. His ability to think outside the box and attention to detail make his work stand out. His innovative approach and strong design principles make him a valuable asset to any team.
He’ll spend 8 hours justifying a single button placement, so for your own sanity, don’t get him started! But if you can justify your stance with solid logic, he’s open to change. Just be prepared for the epic saga of button positioning, and enjoy the ride with our resident design perfectionist!


Project Manager
Bagla Group
Tveshaj has an incredible ability to understand the website requirements and solve them using the most apt frameworks and solutions. He has accepted the most difficult web development challenges heads on and surprised everyone with his skills!
Website development ho ya product design, ye ladka kuch bhi Kar sakta hain. Iska dimaag Eliud Kipchoge se bhi zyada tez bhaagta hain aur iske development skills se Har koi aashcharyachakit hain!

Megha Narula

Struggling with design decisions? He puts a lot of brain and time to make wonderful products, which makes products usability simple and classy. This designer makes it easy! Complex problems turn into user-friendly, classy products. Highly recommend for UI/UX needs. Super talented – you won’t be disappointed! (Tested his work – it’s fantastic!) Bonus: Car & chocolate expert!
Don’t talk nonsense, his tolerance towards nonsensical things is literally zero. You should be clear about what you want before you approach him because “bilkul riks nahi lena ka” when it comes to working with Tveshaj. This is his GenZ friend speaking “His work is chef’s kiss and dont be sus about it. His designs give your product main character energy. His work is legit, For real for real”.


QA Expert

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