Face Scanning Attendance Application

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Presentiva allows businesses to replace biometric attendance systems with facial recognition systems which work from smartphones. The app comes in two parts, the client app and an admin app.

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Mobile UI

Presentiva Client App

Presentiva Attendance is an AI powered Facial Recognition based attendance management application that automates attendance capturing and is designed to meet the accurate employee identification needs of the different organizations. Presentiva Attendance ensures data safety with a dual authentication system that uses a password and OTP on the phone.

Website Design

Presentiva Website

A unique website designed highlighting the features of Presentiva App. A detailed prototype showcasing the interactions and animations of the landing page. Modern concepts like glass morphism are implemented to set it apart from competitors.

Mobile UI

Presentiva Admin App

Presentiva Admin Application is a part of Presentiva Platform which is an AI powered Contactless Facial Recognition Attendance Management System. It gives insightful e-reports to get a better picture of attendance patterns with attendance summary, late/early sign-ins, tracking overtime and other overall as well as employee specific reports.

The application helps employers to :

  • Register employees
  • Check log-in & logout time & check total employees logged in
  • Customize shift timings in advance
  • Monitor shift statistics and logs

Presentiva Admin App ensures data safety with a dual authentication system that uses a master password and OTP on the phone

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