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About Client & Project

The eGamers and Players Welfare Association (EPWA) is a New Delhi-based Section 8 company, serving as a formidable players’ collective organization. With the mission of bridging the gap between online gamers, industry stakeholders, and the government, EPWA strongly emphasises research and representation. Currently boasting a robust membership of 18,000 individuals nationwide, the association encompasses enthusiasts from various online gaming genres, including AAA games, board games, card games, and other online gaming categories.

What did I do for EPWA?

Challenges at the beginning:

  • Outdated Design: The site had a basic, static theme incompatible with modern web standards.
  • Lack of Responsiveness: The site wasn't mobile-friendly, resulting in a poor user experience.
  • Security Concerns: The old design had potential vulnerabilities.
  • Content Management Difficulties: Updating or adding content was cumbersome.
  • No Global Style Settings: Inconsistent look and feel across the site.
  • Limited User Interaction: No functionality for user accounts or personalization.
  • Monetization Gaps: No premium upgrade options for users.

Technical Solutions Implemented:

  • Modern Redesign: Adopted a responsive, modern theme.
  • Enhanced Security: Updated security measures to protect against threats.
  • CMS Integration: Implemented a user-friendly CMS for easy content management.
  • Global Style Guide: Established consistent design elements site-wide.
  • User Account System: Enabled user sign-ups, sign-ins, and profile management.
  • Dynamic Content Structure: Structured the site for efficient content distribution.
  • Premium Plans: Introduced premium account upgrade options.

These improvements transformed EPWA’s website into a dynamic, secure, and user-friendly portal, enhancing user interaction, content management, and revenue generation.

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Community Content Hub

EWA Center

The EWA Center is the heart of EPWA's content hub, designed to foster community engagement and knowledge sharing. This dynamic section features a variety of custom post types including publications, newsletters, press mentions, and columns. It also actively encourages community members to contribute their own write-ups and articles, creating a collaborative environment. By organizing content in this way, the EWA Center serves as a rich resource for information, updates, and expert insights, tailored to the interests and needs of the gaming community.

Publications Custom Post Type

Publication Hub

The Publications section is designed to be both scalable and easy to maintain, ensuring a seamless experience for both users and administrators. Utilizing custom taxonomies, it supports and automatically filters between self-publications and co-publications, with the flexibility to accommodate future publication types. The interface includes automatic and scalable tabs for easy navigation, allowing users to switch between categories effortlessly. This robust system ensures that managing and accessing a growing collection of publications remains efficient and user-friendly.

OTP-Based Logins

Seamless Access

The new OTP-based login system enhances user experience by offering multiple convenient login options. Users can now log in using their phone number or email with OTPs, as well as traditional password methods. This flexibility ensures that users can choose the most convenient and secure method for them, making the portal accessible and user-friendly. The full-fledged system ensures seamless and secure access, catering to the diverse needs of the community.

Membership and Payments

Automated Membership Plans

The integration of a payment gateway streamlines the process of managing paid memberships. With Razorpay integrated, users can easily subscribe to one of the three configured membership plans, with the flexibility to add more plans as needed. This automation ensures a seamless experience for users, simplifying the subscription process and enhancing the overall functionality of the portal.

User Portal Capabilities

My Account Page

The My Account page offers comprehensive management tools for each community member. Users have access to a dedicated account page, allowing them to edit profiles, update phone numbers, change passwords, and customize their avatars. Additionally, members can easily track their current membership plans and review past purchases. This robust functionality ensures that users have full control over their personal information and membership details, enhancing their overall experience on the portal.

Donation Capabilities

Supporting the Community

To further support EPWA’s initiatives, the portal now accepts donations from both members and non-members. With seamless payment gateway integration, contributing to the community is secure and effortless. A custom popup feature simplifies the donation process, making it convenient for users to support various programs and activities within EPWA. This enhancement provides an additional avenue for financial support, enabling the community to grow and thrive.


Monitoring Active Users

The Community admins get a comprehensive dashboard for managing user activity. With real-time monitoring, usage metrics, and customizable views, admins can effortlessly track both active paid users and free users. The dashboard provides insights into user behavior, enabling informed decision-making and effective community engagement.

Press Mentions

EPWA in the Media

The Press Mentions section showcases external recognition of EPWA by various media houses. Using a custom post type called “Press Mentions,” we’ve engineered a repeater field that highlights multiple instances where EPWA has been mentioned in releases, articles, or news stories. Each repeater block provides a direct link to the source site, allowing readers to explore these mentions further.


Members & Payments Stats


Columns to showcase EPWA's external journalism contributions

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